We create outstanding, funny, edgy and innovative video shows

​​Kharabeesh is a media and entertainment network, which took an initiative to boost and to expand youth-oriented Arabic e-content, by creating outstanding, funny, edgy and innovative video shows that are designed to tackle social and political issues.

As Arabic is one of the fastest growing languages on the Internet, Kharabeesh managed to become the biggest and the most popular Arabic speaking network on YouTube, by owning and managing around 100 channels.

Our brilliant script-writing and animation team is supported by certified Youtube professional experts that handle all aspects of publishing the videos online according to the highest standards and based on copyrights regulations.

Kharabeesh will always​ create artistic videos with high sense of humor, and will be dedicated to catch the pulse of the people of the Arab World, to express their despairs, frustrations, aspirations and hopes.

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Kharabeesh MCN

We will help you to succeed on YouTube, and Help your online presence by offering Content Management and Publishing rights.

Kharabeesh is a multi-channels network which means it is a direct partner with YouTube, and that gives Kharabeesh access to exclusive privileges that are not available to other individual partners, in terms of monetization and access to YouTube facilities and other advantages.

Kharabeesh Offers YouTubers 2 Partnership programs:

Managing Digital Content on YouTube (B2B)
Digital content management is offered by Kharabeesh as a result of being a Multi-Channel Network (MCN), joining Kharabeesh MCN under this partnership offers the following:

  • Handling views and financial claims pertaining to the digital content that is owned by the partner.
  • Having higher CPM rate by joining a Kharabeesh MCN by having direct support from YouTube to affiliated MCNs.
  • Providing consultancy for channel optimization. Kharabeesh MCN will share best practices and recommendations on how to optimize partner’s content views.
  • Providing Intellectual Property Protection to partner’s content.

Publishing Digital Content on Kharabeesh Social Network (B2C)
Individual content creators and production houses alike from all over the Arab world can enjoy the benefits of partnering with Kharabeesh in more than one way when choosing to publish their content with Kharabeesh:

  • Co-Production: where our partner joins forces with Kharabeesh to work on a co-production project, this results in joining experiences and capabilities in order to create innovative content that will be published on Kharabeesh Social Network.

  • Publishing on Kharabeesh Social Network: Kharabeesh will publish digital content that is owned by the partner on its Kharabeesh Social Network including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ in addition to Kharabeesh website. This is will result in an exponential increase in content viewership.

Channel Classification

Premium channels
Active YouTube channels with regular productions and high percentage of subscribers for those channels Kharabeesh will provide full support in terms of production, whether by co-producing the content or by providing artistic guidance Kharabeesh will be providing creative designs for those channels as well, Premium shows have top priority in publishing through kharabeesh’s social media channels.

Active Channels
Channels with fair number of Subscribers, and has content development plan Kharabeesh will cross promote those channels on their Premium channels, and will publish the content across its social media network to increase the number of subscribers and give channels higher exposure.

Startup Channels
Shows that are still emerging and developing Kharabeesh will provide the necessary guidance and expertise for those shows to succeed.

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Kharabeesh Network


On YouTube:
You can watch our latest videos and productions by subscribing to our main channels on YouTube:
Kharabeesh Cartoons
Kharabeesh Comedy
Kharabeesh Street
Kharabeesh Music

On Gplus:
On our page on plus you don’t only get to see our updates, and post yet also you can interact directly with our stars through a pre-scheduled hangouts.

On Facebook:
We have several pages on facebook to reach out to our audience, you can follow our latest posts and interact with us on:
3ala Rasi
Female Show
N2O Comedy

On Twitter:

Our Main Channel

Our content is created by innovative arab youth On YouTube

Kharabeesh Cartoon

Kharabeesh Cartoons short animated sketches and cartoon series that tackles different political and social issues from the Arab world. those sketches raised the bar of freedom of speech, and crossed red lines as drawing along with new media gave more room for spontaneity and edgy expression.hence Kharabeesh cartoons is one of the most Subscribed/Watched channels in YouTube in the Middle East.

Kharabeesh Comedy

Kharabeesh Comedy YouTube Webisodes and comedy shows, Created, written, directed and acted by young Talents. Those comedy sketches are inspired by the society and the daily life in the middle east, it is comedy across borders with different dialects and different stories they share only one thing its all hilarious.

Kharabeesh Street

Kharabeesh Street The channel that gathers our serious talk shows, its where we share our thoughtful and humorless production, That channels has talk shows, video blogging, up to short films and cinematic production. This channel has a lot of diversity of production that’s quite interesting and appealing for Arab youth.

Kharabeesh Music

Kharabeesh Music music pieces, songs and video clips that are exceptionally unique and are of different genres yet its all about creative youthful and different music.

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Kharabeesh Lab

Learn how to make YouTube sketches and Shows, and how to convert this into Business, Apply for our lab.


Creativity Incubator
Kharabeesh lab is an incubator for new video ideas, talents and business ideas on youtube. It also provide people with resources that helps them create good youtube content, build their fan base and turn their ideas into successful business.

Educational Program
We train individuals and corporate on how to create manage successful YouTube shows and channels starting from.

Creativity support for Corporates
we do creative consultation for corporates online’s presence and help them create innovative material.

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